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Q- Will the sealer be applied by hand or with a spraying unit?

A- We use both a brush and spray unit on residential driveways as well as commercial projects. From our experience, we have found this to be the neatest means of application. We work carefully around grass, cement, or brick that may surround the driveway.

Q- How often should I seal my driveway or parking lot?

A- Every 2-3 years on average.  Some poorly laid or older asphalt driveways need sealing every 1-2 years to prevent early cracking and pot holes. Cracks should be filled and repaired every year.
Q - How often should I fill the cracks in my driveway?

A - Yearly. The asphalt will continue to expand and contract with the warm and cold weather. Our professionals use top commercial products; however the filler cannot stop the asphalt from expanding and contracting. The crack filler will prolong the life of the asphalt by preventing water getting into the asphalt foundation.

Q - If I see cracks in my driveway, is it time to seal coat?

A - Cracks are a sign that the driveway is in need of maintenance and repair.

Q - You sealed my driveway and I can see tire tracks.  Is this normal?

A - Yes. This is a temporary situation due to the weight of vehicles moving the sand around. We add sand to our sealer to help fill in cracks and to produce an anti-skid surface. Rain and/or sweeping will take care of this issue within a week or two depending on the grade of the driveway.
Q- Do I need to do anything to prepare for my driveway or parking lot to be seal coated?

A- If you fertilize your lawn or plantings, please don't fertilize for a week prior to our visit.  ertilizer products will discolor the sealer products. The pavement must be dry. Please don't hose off the parking lot or driveway in the 24 hours prior to seal coating. Otherwise, just be sure that the work area is clear from all vehicles, toys, bikes, grills, etc. Also, be sure that your pets are either inside or secured away from the work area.

Q - Will you get rid of grass growing up through my driveway?

A- Horizon professionals will cut down the grass areas. However, without a regular spray of some type of weed killer, the grass will come back. Grass has the power to grow through the asphalt. It easily has the power to grow through sealer.

Q - What should I do to stop the grass from growing more into the asphalt?

A - Consistently use a weed killer such as Round-Up.

Q - When is the best time of the year to seal my driveway or parking lot?

A- Horizon generally does sealing work from April 1st through the end of October (give or take a couple of weeks). The outside temperature must be above 50 degrees in order for the sealing process to cure correctly.

Q - How long does sealer have to be down before rain will damage it?

A - 4 to 8 hours

Q - How soon until you can walk on a driveway after seal coating?

A - Generally 6-8 hours, but your Horizon representative will advise you on the drying time for your particular job.

Q - How soon until you can drive on a driveway after seal coating?

A - Generally 24 hours, but your Horizon representative will advise you on the drying time for your particular job.

Q - Will leaves stick to the seal coating?

A - If leaves fall onto the driveway when it is wet, they may stick slightly. The wind or a broom, however, will take them off.

Q - My driveway is brand new.  Should it be sealed? If so, when?

A- It is recommended that a newly asphalted surface should be sealed within its first year, but no sooner than 60-90 days.

Q- How does the price of seal coating compare to asphalt replacement?

A- Horizon Seal coating can be applied for PENNIES per square foot. This is in comparison to replacing an asphalt surface which can be up to 20 times that amount. Seal coating extends the life of asphalt surfaces and should be applied every other year. The cost of seal coating is truly a minor expense when compared to the cost of pavement replacement.


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